Planes ,Trains, and Automobiles

Have you ever met someone who enjoyed something so much you had to wonder where did it come from? How could this be?

I am still asking myself this question. It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that I may have spent a small fortune purchasing them or seeking them out at the local thrift stores to fine the good, heavy duty, antique (in some cases) stuff. I’ve found a complete NASA space set from the 80’s for $5 bucks. Yes, he plays with the antiques. I enjoy watching him play with all of my finds.

Prince absolutely enjoys his collections. He plays with them. He has separate bins for each collection. He reads about them. He has several books about each mode of transportation. Prince learns from them. Many of his books are educational in content and focus on things such as colors, size, numbers, or letters. I found that getting him books with things that he enjoys in them maintains his interest.

It has been a no brainer deciding the themes for his birthdays. We’ve done a car theme and of course the train theme.

For this shoot Prince was all too ready to play with the train. Of course I wanted him to limit his play so we could capture the train NOT in motion. This was a bit of a problem because AGAIN he loves trains. We got through the shoot with plenty of great shots and we both had a great time putting together the tracks and turning the train on and watching it go.

Photo credit:

Photographer and Director of Photography: Tia Castellano, The Brown Group Worldwide








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